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Bycotest - COMPCONTROL ING. is the Romanian representative of Bycotest, market leader in developing, manufacturing and marketing products for Non-Destructive Testing.

Tecnatom - COMPCONTROL ING. is the Romanian representative of Tecnatom, global leader in delivering advanced engineering solutions in over thirty countries.
COMPCONTROL ING. is a private company, established in 1997. Our team performs high level quality services in the non-destructive field.
Our staff is formed of 20 engineers, NDE specialists and physicists.

Some of our engineers' certifications include:

Our company provides services and expertise in the following main areas:
Ultrasonic Testing
Eddy Currents Testing
Radiographic Testing
Magnetic Testing
Liquids Penetrant Testing
Leak Testing
Some of our main company goals are:
Implementing new technology equipment on the Romanian market
Improving the quality of NDE using modern equipment and technologies
Qualifying young personnel for NDE activities
Improving relationships and cooperation with research institutions
Our company strives to ensure the best opportunities for its employees to achieve the highest training and qualification levels in the non-destructive field, quality assurance field and other relevant fields.
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Ploiesti, Romania

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